EPI Thermo-Technologies is a leader in turnkey painting systems projects. Totalling more than 45 years of experience in the industry, EPI Thermo-Technologies employees know how to design and build a custom-made system to answer your company needs.

EPI Thermo-Technologies

By taking full advantage ofcutting edge technology, of an efficiency and durability that will allow you toreduce high energy and maintenance costs, EPI Thermo-Technologies will help youincrease your painting process’ cost-effectiveness.

With knowledge of everyaspects of the painting process, EPI Thermo-technologies specialize in:

  • Continuous cooking and drying ovens;
  • Batch type ovens;
  • Conventional cooking (convection) or infrared (gas or electric) to cook either liquid or powder paint;
  • Automatic or manual conveyor systems;
  • Spray booths of all kinds (downdraft, semi downdraft, crossdraft);
  • Automatic washers;
  • Automated systems (PLC).

Our approach is simple:

  • Evaluate the client’s needs;
  • Know the constraints (available space, available energy, complexity of the parts, etc.);
  • Design a quality system that answer all your needs and keeps in mind constraints, at a most competitive price;
  • Assist with the system’s implantation;
  • Fast and quality on-site installation;
  • Implementation with trials and performance;
  • Complete after-sales service.

Our commitment:

  • Provide equipment with superior efficiency;
  • Provide better quality equipment at a better price;
  • Provide durable and reliable equipment;
  • Provide equipment with low energy consumption;
  • Support our clients after equipment installation;

The experience, creativity,expertise and professionalism of out team are the guarantee to yoursatisfaction.

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EPI Thermo-Technologies,your partner in all your painting processes